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Premium Child Care located in Calgary South

Why Serengeti ChildCare

Our promise to you...

Family Time

Day Care or Day Home... why choose?

You want your child to have the loving warmth of a day home but the structure and security of a day care. 


To solve this dilemma, our program combines the best of both worlds by providing premium child care in a dedicated home-based environment with a focus on early learning!

The Serengti Childcare program has not achieved this in isolation but is part of the greater Von Premium Childcare Network. This Network ensures each program complies with the exceptional level of safety, early learning curriculum and the personal touch each family deserves. 


We would never expect you to trust in something we don't! That is why we have entrusted our own child in the care of another Network program.


Calgary's best child care program serving children & families in the Calgary South Region

We know how important your children are to you, that is why we promise the following...

Dual-Level Monitoring
Early Learning Curriculum
No Closure Policy

click below to find all of our premium promises to you...

Now also serving the following areas in the Calgary South Region - Acadia & Willow Park.

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