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First Pillar


Elementary school teachers love graduates from a Von Premium Childcare Network member program because they come well equipped in early literacy & numeracy.


Our specialized curriculum ensures all children get a good grounding in the basics. Developed by Von Network specialists with direct experience in the English infant school system, we spent significant time and effort developing our one-of-a-kind curriculum. This ensures your child engages in academic learning that is fun and interactive.

Early child care is a very important and often overlooked component of child development.

Early Learning Approach

Children learn at an astronomical rate when young. In this critical time period, we must engage them in stimulating activities. Our programs are unique, developed by the experts at The Von Premium Childcare Network, and proven in the field.


Our daily routine involves regular themed-based arts & crafts, physical activity, early numeracy, early literacy, music, drama and positive socialization. Developed in England, our curriculum is designed for delivery in a multi-age environment so children learn positive interaction while engaged in interesting activities.


Our three-pillar approach to early learning includes...

Our Approach

Second Pillar

Fine Arts

We value the arts and creative expression as an outlet for learning. The specialists we access through the Von Premium Childcare Network have between them over 50 years of experience developing programs for the public and separate school boards. They have helped us infuse our curriculum with fine arts in the form of age appropriate music, arts & crafts, dance and drama, which your child will engage in daily.

To keep parents in the loop, a cross section of the fine arts songs & activities are included in monthly newsletters.

Third Pillar


From polite table manners, respect for others and respect for self, we reinforce positive socialization in all our programs. In fact, we have also integrated it into our curriculum.

Our directors also take a 'common sense' approach to working with children that relates to the golden rule - treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Pretty simple, but a great basic philosophy to life to reinforce during these critical foundation years.


Health & Safety


And of course, safety is always our top priority. Through our relationship with the Von Premium Childcare Network, our programs have been risk assessed and are monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure quality assurance. We have a fire escape plan, daily routines that maintain a hygienic environment, and regular safety checks. On top of being qualified, experienced and professional, our program directors are all first aid qualified and police checked. Through the Network they also have ongoing access to health & safety advice as needed.

Fine Arts
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